Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New back deck - 1.5years in progress

Rich's Dad came to visit and helped us construct the staircase.  So grateful for his help!

First attempt at pouring the concrete support for the stair railing post.

Too bad we had to dig this up and throw it out later in the build....

Surgery to the stair stringer.  We have to move bottom post closer by 1.5" in order for railing kit to fit. Argh!!

We had to dig out the concrete post that we poured previously, and re-pour 1.5" closer.  This was a super fun day!

The railing system isn't designed to work with the funky angles that we have in this section of the deck. We had to do some university level geometry to make the cuts that would connect to the standard brackets.

The top rail of the privacy screen is a standard handrail part, except we didn't want the baluster holes, so we filled them in with automotive grade BONDO, sanded and painted it.  

Voila - the finished deck!